10+ (Free) Best Minecraft Recording Software in [2022]

Our Top Pick: Icecream Screen Recorder (Windows, Mac, Android)
Runner-up: Bandicam (Windows)

Getting our hands on to a screen recording software itself is a new experience on its own. For some of the users getting over to newer technology is a bit of a task but why not move on to newer one if we are getting something more interactive and advance at the same instance.

While playing Minecraft, most of the time depending upon the user to user there are various reasons to record the gameplay. This software not only just give functionality to just record the screens but also come up with various other options to work with.

What Is The Best Minecraft Recording Software?

Best Minecraft recording software is the one that not only provides the best user experience but also comes up with professional video and audio recording abilities.

Giving instructions using a text-based approach makes it a traditional approach and usually takes more time to describe itself. Describing video-based gameplay instructions makes it a better and effective way to present the facts and figures while describing the gameplay situation.

Every single action and movement can be captured using this Minecraft recording software and the one gives a lag-free recording of actions, recording the desired area of the screen, should be a cost-effective product, providing with best audio recording quality are mostly considered to be the Best Minecraft Recording Software.

Here are my picks for the best Minecraft recording software to use this year which can act beneficial for the users who are highly engaged in activities related to recording the gameplay:

1. OBS Studio (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Being an open-source technology and cross-platform support makes it unique amongst all available alternatives. As we go on streaming, while the session is ongoing the program lets you select which desktop application and audio-sources to be used, gives you a way to create layered videos for the webcam to be used for a different purpose.

With the use of obs studio, one gets to capture the whole display or a specific window and not only this but also from the webcam and microphone enable the option. While performing streaming using this software, it lets the user share the desktop application and support various audio sources to work with. Using Obs studio layered videos can be made using a webcam.

Best Minecraft Recording Software OBS Studio


  • Auto resolution support: While working in the software it gives you the option to work with any sort of resolution say it be 720 or 1080. In a situation where the bandwidth suffers and issue, it automatically lowers down the recording resolution upon the streaming.
  • Effective Sizing and positioning: Over here it provides positioning of elements within each studio in a simple click-and-drag way just as a free transform, and traversing through them during a recording is majorly controlled with a single key.
  • Runtime Live mixing: The corrections and changes which are done into studio panels, like sound mixing, webcam placement or audio correction, are been broadcasted in live sessions, so make sure a proper stream ready and to use experience.
  • Streamlined settings panel for quick performing quick actions: While playing a game and recording at the same time it makes it difficult while having concurrent access but with OBS Studio, this has been a hassle-free experience as it manages things like activity feed, stream titling, giving a stats of viewer count built-in, information about stream chat, and especially alerts controls in it.
  • Multi-Screen Support: As a gamer, using multiple screens is a routine task and a recording software should be able to work with it effectively, this is were OBS Studio provides its best at the time when you have a multiscreen setup where you can view and control OBS from one display and play the game on the other, seamlessly.


  • Cross Stream availability to platforms such as YouTube, Mixer, DailyMotion, Twitch, and others.
  • Gives filters to be applied to scenes, different sources, on various audio devices -image blend/crop/ color correction, tweaking noise reduction, and a few more.
  • Single touch hotkey access for faster interactions for in-game support and faster moves.
  • It gives an ad-free experience to its users which gradually removes the hindrance of lags due to unexpected ads in between.


  • No built-in video editor for which we need to make use of another tool for editing the recorded video.
  • We can not pause the video while recording which is much of a task if anything has to stop for a specific and have to resume later.

What is unique about OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is a Best Minecraft Recording Software which comes up with a free experience as well as recoding without a watermark or time limit for the recording of the gameplay.

2. Icecream Screen Recorder (Windows, Mac, Android)

An extremely easy to use best Minecraft recording software which provides with a resource-efficient approach of recording the gameplay with standalone capturing technology for gameplay recording.

It comes up with both a free as well as a paid version which starts for $29.95. It gives a more procedural approach to describe things with many details. It provides quite a good range of features and functionalities to be used in its free version too.

Icecream Screen Recorder


  • Video Editing support: Has an inbuilt basic video editor for Speeding or slowing down the playback speed of recorded videos, Trimming parts of the video after recording.
  • Editable Text option : It allows the user to add custom text, special shapes like arrows to the screen recording, or captured images.
  • Multifiletype and sharing: As it captures the recording with 60 FPS, there are times when it is needed to convert video recordings to different data file types, Icecream screen recorder makes it easier by giving multi-format support and various ways to share those recordings.
  • Gives an option to add creative objects: For the recording sake of purpose, Icecream recorder comes up with a feature to add sound as well as mouse highlights for handling creating videos such as tutorials that have instructions to be followed.
  • Customizable hotkey support: Gives a functionality to reconfigure the one-click touch hotkeys for an enhanced and faster in-game experience.


  • Easy to use interface allows it to be used even by an inexperienced or an amateur to it very conveniently.
  • It provides the ability to do scheduled screen recording in various time chunks by a timer.
  • Multiple screen capture recording eases the user to record various content at a single instance.
  • While the recording takes places, the software can save images from streaming or a gameplay recording.
  • Can record and capture various parts on the screen or a specific at glance.


  • The functionality which is game capture mode does not work with the Minecraft Windows 10 app many times and gives some issues regarding the same.
  • Live streaming on Twitch is not possible for that the video is to be uploaded to Twitch. No integration with Twitch.

What is unique about Icecream Screen Recorder?

Its functionality of self capturing screen based on a timer or a scheduler makes itself unique from others as without a human to be present in front of the screen to operate it does It works efficiently.

3. Bandicam (Windows)

High-quality screen recording software that produces high-quality video as well as images. Bandicam does not have a free version, and pricing starts at $39.00.

This only provides only a free trial just to explore the product. In the free trial version, every time you can only record 10 minutes long duration Gameplay with the watermark on top.

Majorly people involved in making creative content use Bandicam.

bandicam game recording software


  • Uses Top-Notch Systems: Works on High ended graphics for producing excellent quality output.
  • Personalises especially for: Games that use and run over the DirectX or OpenGL or Vulkan types of graphics technologies.
  • Fullscreen recording available: Bandicam offers the screen recording even in full screen and for the desired area of the screen.
  • Different recording modes: The software comes with numerous recording modes for the ease of users such as video, game, screen, and device recording mode.
  • Produces high-quality content with Less space required: Due to the use of top-class hardware, it renders high-quality videos, and the major this is it produces videos that are compressed, small size, and no sacrifice on quality is to be done.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interactive user interface to work with.
  • Less space required to store a large amount of content that the software produces.
  • Easy and handy to share recordings as they are available in small compressed form.
  • Covers every detail, say it be small or large as works on producing high-quality images up to 144 frames per second in 4k


  • It comes with restricted to MP4, AVI which limits to produce content in different file types as required by the user.
  • It does not have the functionality of a built-in video editor.

What is unique about Bandicam?

As it comes up with recording up to 4k resolution this makes it best minecraft recording software in its category and preferred by gamers who are involved in high graphic related gaming.

4. Camtasia (Windows, Mac, iOS)

Camtasia comes with a two in one product as it is a screen recorder as well as a video editor in itself. Camtasia is a product of TechSmith. It is used to record in screen content and simultaneously acts as a multimedia tool.

User can choose either to capture a screen with a webcam as well as mic input or exclude both of these while recordings.

Best Minecraft Recording Software Camtasia


  • Various Customization: It comes with many customization options for the recording as well as the editing and provides a drag and drop interface for adding effects over to it.
  • Supports import: Using Camtasia we can import content while editing the recordings as well as add numerous callouts and text options to it.
  • Comes with no limit: Camtasia gives a no limit screen recording experience with options to export the content in various file formats for cross-platform
  • Publishing Options: Camtasia has various publishing options directly from the window itself to different platforms where we have to portray or upload the recordings.
  • Functionality to record separately: Camtasia gives a user an option to record the audio and video separately later if required combining both as per the requirement.


  • User does not have to purchase entirely different software for editing the videos as Camtasia comes in with an editor itself.
  • Camtasia renders high-quality videos in very less time as compared to others.
  • It comes with bundles of visual and audio presets for editing the videos.
  • As audio and video can be recorded separately so the gamer can focus much on the game instead of on both and later on could give and audio dub.


  • It does not have a proper or effective frame synchronization due to which many times it may happen that words at not right at to their point.
  • As per the historic customer review even after one time purchase the company even charges a few bucks if the user wishes to upgrade the software to a newer version.

What is unique about Camtasia?

Due to its separate recording feature, a user can record lots and lots of gameplays at a single time and would not have to worry about speaking as it can be done later very precisely.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio (Windows, Mac)

Super easy to capture/record screen while performing different tasks at your screen. It comes with an improved interface as compared to its previous versions. It gives ease to record from multi-sources such as a microphone, webcam, within the screen, gameplays, webinars, and a lot more.

Its the most lightweight of all available ones. Comes with the different dynamic setting to work with and produces an overall great content.

Movavi Minecraft Screen Recorder


  • Scheduling Capturing and recording: It gives the user functionality to schedule the recording to make the process more convenient and time-saving.
  • Auto Turn off: Movavi gives the user functionality through which after the recording is complete the system automatically shuts down on its own.
  • Inbuilt video editor: Movavi comes with a basic inbuilt video editor for editing and processing the recordings.
  • Comes with Auto Stabilization mode: If somewhere there is distortion in the recording it makes it clearer and sharp and makes the recording stabilize.
  • Integrated Device support: Depending upon the device to devise the user can choose from a vast menu of settings and device connectivity.


  • High-resolution video recording and editing can be done up to 4k.
  • Personalized keystrokes which can enhance the performance as well as speed while working with the software.
  • Auto-turn off feature saves the system resources such as electricity.
  • The timer allows the user is not physically present in front of the screen to manually perform the task. They can be automatically be done as scheduled.


  • Given customer support available is not satisfactory when the user tries to connect to solve the queries.
  • The user faces issues related to software crashes at the time of editing the recordings.

What is unique about Movavi Screen Recorder?

It comes with a super speed conversion mechanism to edit, render, and convert the recording at a very fast speed which is useful for the user engaged in higher productivity.

6. Apowersoft Unlimited – ApowerREC (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

ApowerSoft Screen Recorder comes with a no-limit recording as well as the thing which makes it best than others is its web-based integration. That is, it can be used directly from the browser and the user does not have to download an offline client the user end.

Best Minecraft Recording Software ApowerREC


  • One cast solution for devices: The user can cast or mount the mobile device and the software is capable to record it as well with a hassle-free experience.
  • Cloud Support: The recordings could be saved either to the desktop storage itself or it gives an option to the user to save the recordings over cloud storage.
  • Multiple output format options: The recorded videos could be exported in various formats such as WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB MP4, MOV.
  • Simultaneous webcam support : The screen, as well as the webcam, could be recorded at the same time for creating video instruction tutorials.
  • Comes in with basic editing functionalities: Working with this software provides basic editing functionalities such as adding texts and highlights to the recording.


  • Very lightweight in terms of storage as comes in the form of a plugin.
  • No watermark is applied to the recordings.
  • There is no limit to video creation options.
  • It is very dynamic and customizable depending upon the requirement.


  • The recording output from the webcam is not up to the mark and gives a poor quality output recording from the webcam source.

What is unique about ApowerREC?

The user does not have to re-upload the videos over to the cloud for managing and sharing the recording, this can be done in the first instance itself while the export option is chosen to cloud.

7. ScreenFlow (Mac)

On the first look, it can be seen pretty minimalistic. But as soon as we move on using and interacting with ScreenFlow there are a bunch of features to work with.

Comes in with media library which gives an option to add stock images and different text annotations for the recording to look impressive.

Minecraft Recording Software ScreenFlow


  • Retina Type Resolution Screen Recording: Either the screen resolution is 720p or 4k, ScreenFlow manages it all.
  • Bunch of Styling Features: Screenflow comes with templates to work with for an easy workflow.
  • Exporting Options: Through ScreenFlow, the recording can be exported directly to the streaming platforms.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A user can learn using this software in less than an hour as its pretty simple to use with a haptic user interface.
  • Organized Media Management: In Screenflow users can systematically manage and organize the clippings with the help of manage library features.


  • The flexibility while recording anything can be done from a voice-over to your screen or from the webcam and the iPhone.
  • The cursor while using in dim condition as mostly no visible, so to make it visible Sceenflow gives and extraordinary feature of highlighting the cursor.
  • Exporting of videos is fast and no comprise is done in the quality too.
  • Classified working space does categorize and work clearly with audio as well as audio clips.


  • The software comes with frequent and irritating updates that do not have any major changes even after updating.
  • Popping up hints while using icons makes it annoying after a while.

What is unique about ScreenFlow?

Screenflow gives a very fast rendering of recordings even at high resolution which makes it an idle choice by the gamers.

8. NVIDIA ShadowPlay (Windows)

NVIDIA’s name itself gives a sense of trust and assurance to the software as its a leading brand in the gaming industry.

Users having NVIDIA card at there machines have this software pre-installed at their machine. It gives a mixed performance according to the device configuration on which the software is going to run.

Top Minecraft Recording Software NVIDIA ShadowPlay


  • Recording: Gives support to local recoding as well as Twitch Streaming.
  • Game support: It is a software that supports each and available game in the market.
  • Encoder: It comes with Kepler’s dedicated 264Video Encoder.
  • Output: The output fairly depends on the hardware used over the machine on which the software is installed.
  • Frame Rates: ShadwoPlay supports the highest frame rates in all of the available alternatives.


  • The frequency cost could be cut down by saving the recording directly to the local storage.
  • Performance compared to others is extraordinary.
  • Can work over all the device configurations, let it be high or low.
  • Gives in-game hotkeys to record and perform actions for recording.


  • It comes with standard screen recording and no other interactive feature.
  • Customizations are limit to an extent and can’t be extended more than that.
  • Only works with Nvidia graphic

What is unique about ShadowPlay?

Being an Nvidia product it works along with the graphic card which others may lack in and due to which produces the best quality recording.

9. Screenium (Mac)

Screenium is made to capture the screen of ios as well as mac based devices. Comes with a visually pleasing interface to work with and interactively placed menu over the panel. Supports network drives for storing and navigating through files for processing.

Popular Minecraft Recording Software Screenium


  • Recording Capacity: Can record in 60 FPS up to 5k resolution without any hassle.
  • Editing: From adding transitions to Adding texts everything is possible with Screenium.
  • Different recording modes: These include full screen, individual windows, and customized record options.
  • Codec Support: It provides support for the Apple Prores 4444 codec for exporting.
  • Capture a specific region: It not only captures the whole screen but also is capable to record specific areas if required.


  • It comes with different mouse capturing options.
  • It can even perform the capturing from any iOS device too.
  • The audio could be recorded separately from various sources.
  • It is lightweight hence works very fast and does not give much load to the system.


  • The after-sales support is not satisfactory.
  • Hotkeys do not work in most of the cases.

What is unique about Screenium?

The capability for recording up to 5k resolution makes it unique from the available alternatives.

10. Snagit (Windows and Mac)

Snagit is a powerful but yet not complex in use software. It can start or stop capturing the desktop using the use of a single hotkey.

Majorly its users use it for capturing the documentation. Its specialty covers the zoom-in view capturing for a sharp and precise view.

The Best Minecraft Recording Software Snagit


  • Built-in editor: It comes with a built-in video editor for trimming, cropping, streamlining the screen recodings.
  • Export Option: The videos after editing and recording could be saved to the cloud storage.
  • Sync Compatibility: Auto-sync can be enabled to sync the content over the mobile devices on the go.
  • Sharing: It Could be shared across different platforms and applications in a go or could be saved to be used further.
  • Flexible: It Can capture the desired region or full screen and even both concurrently.


  • It comes in with an inbuilt GIF image-maker as an extra feature.
  • It can be used by the user of any experience level no such extra knowledge is required.
  • With the resizing feature, the recordings could be compressed in size.
  • It comes in with a special profile that allows us to automatically assign things like input, output, effects on the entire projects at once.


  • It does not come with an inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality.

What is unique about Snagit?

It comes in with one of the unique modes which are panoramic capture mode and spotlight effect.

11. Mirillis Action Screen Recorder (Windows)

Mirillis Action Screen Recorder is made for recording the gameplays.it comes in with a friendly user interface. It’s a lightweight bundle packed with a lot of features to play with on minimal system requirements.


  • Video frame rate available: It comes in with 15, 20, 24, 25, 30, 50, 60, 120(AVI) frame rates.
  • Video Resolution: Can record and capture up to 4k of resolution.
  • GPU support: It fully utilizes the GPU of the client hardware for performing to its fullest.
  • Streaming Options: Users can either live stream the video or could save it for later usage.
  • Auto screen recording: It can record or capture the screen in the desired frame rate on a specific time as decided by the user in different time frames.


  • High definition recording with top-notch quality.
  • Separate channel for microphone devices.
  • Lightweight package and does not gives much of a load to the CPU.
  • It assures that the recordings are 20 times smaller in size as compared to other alternatives and with the same quality for output.


  • User can not set a custom Frame rate as per its convenience.
  • Video bitrates can not be configured within the software.

What is unique about Mirillis Action Screen Recorder?

It can upgrade the resolution and the quality for recording depending upon the GPU of the system. More powerful the GPU gives higher quality.

How to Choose Best Minecraft Recording Software

These are some key points (factors) which should be kept in mind before choosing recording software for Minecraft Gameplay:

  • Resolution is the major thing that should be kept in mind that the software can record until what maximum resolution.
  • The Live Streaming feature is available or not.
  • It should come with an inbuilt video recording functionality.
  • There should be enough output format support for exporting.
  • Frame Rate could be adjusted as per the requirement of the user.
  • We should be able to record both full screens as well as a desired region of the screen.

There are a bunch of options and alternatives available in the market, choosing the best one still should firstly be based upon the key requirements as well paying capacity of the user to purchase that product.

At first glance, the user should go for the trial version if available so that the product can be reviewed personally, and after then, if it is up to the mark, the full version could be purchased.

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