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Our goal is to be as useful as possible when it comes to using or purchasing software and services. We base our reviews on methodical approach, trials, other user’s reviews and then provide a thorough overview to help you choose what could be best suited for you.


Through this disclaimer, we want to let you know that we may receive part of the commission (at no additional cost to you) when you purchase software or services through some of the links on our site. Software publisher pays us out of their revenue, so no extra cost is passed on to you.


It might seem that this would be prejudicing our reviews, but it doesn’t. If we find free software is better for users then without a second thought, we recommend the free software over the paid.
Not all the paid software we listed on our site has affiliate programs, so there is no way to earn a commission from that software, but we recommend it. You are more valuable than any commission; therefore, we only suggest the best software to our readers.
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