Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit -Who’s the Winner in [2022]

Every Product from Vegas Pro family allows the users to edit movies, images, and music for creating a masterpiece.

Vegas Pro Editors comes with a friendly user interface, which makes it possible for entry-level users to adapt to the editor and learn it quickly.

In the comparison between Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit, both offer plenty of common features and functionalities in itself, for the editors to create and produce high-level video footage.

Vegas Pro offers the creation of visual effects, 3D titling, and compositing, to be added in the video clippings.

The toolset offered with the editors makes it powerful and gives granular control needed to make high-quality videos as per the requirement of the user.

The Comparison between Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit takes place on a very few factors, as both of the products belong to the same Vegas Pro-family and are made apart from their additional functionalities.


Vegas Pro covers it all, for the editors to perform professional-grade editing. It offers a dynamic storyboard way of editing, which changes the editor’s perspective as it was done earlier with a more enhanced form of performing the tasks.

Vegas pro quickly assembles a storyboard environment and allows the changes made, reflecting in the real-time timeline.

Vegas Pro video editor has an intelligent upscaling feature that converts the regular footage and gives the user an option to scale it to 4K resolution

The editor is proven reliable, effective, and economical in terms of resource efficiency as well as output delivered.

It offers a wide range of formats for the video output with different sources to be joined together on a timeline for various purposes.

Compare Vegas Pro Edit Vs Vegas Pro


*** All the features mentioned below in the Key Features Section of Vegas Pro Edit Video Editor applies here also. However, these two features, these are only available in Vegas Pro.

  • Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D: Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D has special effects and options or creating different kinds of lens flare 3D visuals, which are mostly used for Science Fiction movies.
  • VEGAS DVD Architect: With VEGAS DVD Architect user can create DVD and Blu-ray discs with drag & drop interface, and comprehensive tools to burn the videos to the disk easy.

Why Choose Vegas Pro? (PROS)

  • It offers GPU based accelerated Color grading that can be used for enhanced results.
  • Vegas Pro gives 360 Degree Editing support to its users.
  • Frame wise editing is easy and quick.
  • Wide range of Plugins available for audio, video, and effects.
  • Functionalities could be extended by adding external plugins as required.
  • Color grading settings for a specific project could be exported and can be used later in different projects where ever required.


  • System crash often happens while rendering a 4k resolution video of a longer duration.
  • For a beginner, it takes a long time to learn and master the video editor.

What is unique about Vegas Pro?

Vegas Pro has a unique effect, which is Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D. This lens Flare 3D visual effect allows you to create different traditional lens flares when a point light source is turned toward a camera lens.

Presets once made for a project can be saved and reused on future projects. 

The integrated Motion Tracker allows you to lock or track the Lens Flare to a specific element in your scene, varying from object to object.

Who’s it for?

Vegas Pro Video Editor is for the one who wants their footage to be very accurate in terms of quality, precision, and content.

The professionals use this video editor to edit and create content for Hollywood grade films due to the variety of Effects and Transitions available to play around.


Vegas Pro video editor is priced at US$349 (one-time payment) and comes with a 30 Day Free Trial.

Is Vegas Pro worth it?

With all the tools and Functionalities Vegas Pro offers, it is a worth it product at this price point. The professional Grade tools and abilities to perform the tasks makes it incredibly great options for the video editors.

VEGAS Pro Edit 

Offering the features for editing Vegas Pro Edit comes with functionalities for the editors to turn down their imagination into the projects on which they work.

Vegas Pro Editor is a professional non-linear video editor like Vegas Pro.

The software is used to fulfill the demand of the audience for creating high-quality videos with powerful tools and granular control.

It offers an advanced timeline and workflow features to make the process of editing more convenient and easy for the users while working on the video editor.

Enhanced Indicators, as well as visuals to balance the elements, makes it more accurate while working and gives the output which is rich with enhancing detailing.

Comparison between Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit


  • Stabilization: For getting a smooth video and removing the shakiness of the footage, the editor offers video stabilization, which gives the video a new touch and makes it stable.
  • Motion Tracking: Planar Motion Tracking tacks the objects which are not square and allows the user to adjust the color grading of the objects, which are in moving perspective, and change the dimension and perspective if required.
  • Nested Timelines: For an organized workflow, the nested timelines let the user access the projects independently and access a specific portion and maintain control over the project and its key areas.
  • Smart Split: Vegas Pro with the smart split feature’s abilities, blends the area with the remaining footage automatically and joins the events together, which makes it a flowing sequence.
  • Slideshow Creator: It binds the selected images for making interactive and creative slideshows automatically with the added functionality of transitions to be added in the same.
  • Screen Capture: It is used to capture multiple screens and audio from different sources and importing the same captured clips directly to the editing timeline with complete synchronization and ready to edit interface.
  • Extensive backup file options: Automatic file and project backup functionality which can be customized, after which the project will automatically be backup at the desired time intervals with various options offered to perform the same.
  • Mesh Warp: For mapping images and reshaping objects, Mesh Warps works on grid points through which the images and objects could be stretched and tweak according to the need and requirement.
  • FX masking: Without obstructing the whole clipping, masking the specific portion allows us to add objects and make adjustments to that particular area, which is being masked.
  • Compositing modes: Vegas Pro Edit comes with a multi-layer approach, which is a top-down paradigm for masking and composting, which lets you manage the tracks in the form of a parent-child relationship.
  • OpenFX architecture: This is a platform for providing the editors with the plugin for video effects from various third-party developers. These add on to the effects library of Vegas Pro Edit.
  • Audio synchronization: Audio Waveforms lets the audio track and footage be synced without the use of third-party software.
  • Audio Input buses: The audio can be recorded using audio buses from various external devices to take complete advantage of the available high-end hardware devices and mix it in real-time.
  • Loudness meters: These are used for balanced audio within the dynamic range to achieve a pleasant and perfect auditory experience for the users.
  • Proxy Editing: The projects could be completed with flexibility in low resolution, and further, when the final rendering is done, it could be brought to the original resolution for the high-quality output.
  • Optical Slow Motion: Slow Motion OFX analysis keyframes one by one to create results that can not be achieved from the traditional approach by working independently on the individual frames.

Why Choose Vegas Pro Edit? (PROS)

  • It offers complete mixing of in a multi-track environment for works seamlessly.
  • The plugins extend the functionality of Audio effects.
  • Smooth rendering and playback with GPU acceleration.
  • Storage resources could be effectively used using Proxy.
  • Visuals could be obtained to balance the audio levels for detailed editing.
  • It does not add watermark in the clips in the free trial period.


  • It cannot burn the content to CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Disk directly.
  • While using proxy workflow, the projects might lose their integrity and attributes associated with it while converting the files to its original size and resolution.
  • The Rending limitation of a video clip in the trial version is of only 2 minutes in length.

What is unique about Vegas Pro Edit?

Vegas Pro edit has the logical docking controls to make the workflow of the video editor unique as well as save and recall the layouts designed for specific tasks.

The user can adjust the UI experience according to its preference for better and easy identification of tools and options while working with the editor.

Who’s it for?

Vegas Pro edit is made for the ones who want professional-grade editing to be done with an advanced level video editor, which offers them ease to work on every minor detail in the video.

As it’s a paid software beginner can opt for it if they are convenient in using the video editor in a free trial period.


The Vegas Pro Edit costs US$299 (one-time payment) and comes with a 30 Day Free Trial.

Is Vegas Pro Edit worth it?

With its mindblowing tools and capabilities to perform the task, Vegas pro has the features which make it a worthy video editor as well as satisfies the price been charged for the editor in terms of the performance, speed, and quality.


System Specification for Vegas Pro and Vegas Pro Edit is the same, which are as follows:

  • Operating system:Microsoft® Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor:6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better. 2.5 GHz and 4 Core minimum. For 4k, 7th Generation Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or better. 3.0 GHz and 8 Core minimum
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM minimum (16 GB recommended; 32 GB recommended for 4K)
  • Hard drive space: 5 GB hard-disk space for program installation; Solid-state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media
  • Other:Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 (included on application disc)
  • Supported GPU: NVIDIA- NVIDIA® GeForce 9XX series or higher with 4 GB. AMD/ATI– AMD/ATI® Radeon with 4 GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8 GB for HDR and 32-bit projects). Intel– Intel® GPU HD Graphics 530 series or higher

Supported Platforms: Vegas Pro & Vegas Pro Edit video editor runs only on the Windows operating system.

Main Differences Between Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit

Below are the top differences between Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit, which makes it clear for the user to choose between one, based on the following things:

[1] Vegas Pro has the VEGAS DVD Architect, which is used to create DVD and Blu-ray discs directly from the editor itself with professional authoring options. This DVD Architect has a drag & drop interface and offers a compact layout. Vegas pro-Edit does not come with any such DVD Architect feature in it.

[2] Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D effect comes with Vegas Pro but is not present in Vegas Pro Edit.

[3] Vegas pro has NewBlueFX Filters Ultimate and HitFilm Movie Essentials with its bundle pack, on the other hand, Vegas Pro Edit only comes with the basic Effects and Filters.

[4] Vegas Pro has a Sapphire Render Unit, which is not present in Vegas Pro Edit video editor.

[5] Taking the price point of both of the software Vegas Pro costs for US$349, whereas Vegas Pro Edit is for US$299.

Which Software Is Better for Video Editing, Vegas Pro or Vegas Pro Edit?

VEGAS Pro has a bundle of amazing state-of-the-art video editing tools, streamlined interface, workflow with smart actions, and powerful video rendering capabilities for all types of projects.

If the user requirements are for burning the video footages into discs with enhanced and requires a bit more effects plugin, then Vegas Pro is better.

But even though without these plugins and a few features which are offered by Vegas pro, all necessary task can be accomplished in Vegas Pro edit.

Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit: Who’s the Winner?

In terms of Performace, Speed, and Quality Both of the products remain on the same plane and inherit the same features.

Only if the additional functionalities are taken into consideration Vegas pro has hands over Vegas Pro edit.

If the users do not have to pay for the additional functionalities for which the extra amount is charged, then Vegas Pro Edit has been winning by offering the same functionality and tools, and that too with a low cost associated with it.

So, Which One Should You Pick?

In my opinion, while choosing between Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit, it’s a waste to invest a huge amount of money for getting some additional functionalities that are not even worth the amount.

Vegas Pro Edit has all the necessary functions which are also there in Vegas Pro and serves the same purpose just as Vegas pro does.

Vegas Pro Edit is a worth buying product at the price tagged for it with numerous options to work with for creating professional-grade videos for different purposes depending upon the user to user.

Hopefully, you have found this Vegas Pro Vs Vegas Pro Edit comparison guide worthwhile and it has helped you to make an informed choice about these two video editing software.

Additionally, you can also check out our comparison of Vegas Movie Studio Vs Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Rush Vs Premiere Pro, if you are still not quite settled on a solution.

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