DNASTAR Lasergene Review

Hey Fella scientists! Ever wondered why the right Bioinformatical tool is indispensable for your Biology research? It is because of the accuracy of the results that determine the future and impact of your scientific expedition.

In this review article, I bring you the review of DNASTAR lasergene, a widely known Bioinformatics software. This DNASTAR lasergene review shall cover all the domains of this software.

Keep reading this Lasergene review article until you find the answers to all your doubts.

What is Lasergene Software By DNASTAR?

Set up by a US company, Lasergene by DNASTAR consists of eight modules that provide an overall system of tools to perform the sequence analysis tasks.

The process of sequence trimming, assembly of sequence data, annotation, gene expression analysis, sequence alignments, phylogenetic analysis, primer designing, vector cloning, etc. can be executed by the scientific users.

Lasergene is such a powerful tool for performing sequence analysis that software developers would never have imagined.

You shall know that what are the exclusive features exhibited by Lasergene in the upcoming absorbing section of Key features.


Key Features of DNASTAR Lasergene

Lasergene claims to be the appropriate bioinformatics software solution for a complete analysis of sequences, from trimming, cloning to Next Generation Sequencing.

DNASTAR Lasergene is a composite package that includes three packages. However, you can buy them individually too. For all the three packages together, you need to buy the DNASTAR Lasergene.

Let’s see now that how the features of Lasergene by DNASTAR are unique in approach.

[1] Lasergene Molecular Biology: This software makes the life of a Bio scientist much easier. It can execute the DNA and RNA sequence analysis. The jobs like sequence alignments, gene search, Sanger contig assembly, Plasmid annotation, Primer designing, vector cloning, etc., are performed.

[2] Lasergene Protein: It performs the tasks related to all the protein research. If you wish to perform protein sequence analysis, in-depth molecular visualization, prediction of structure, use this package.

[3] Lasergene Genomics: Genomics is the study of genomes. If you wish to perform the latest Next Generation Sequencing analyses, this software offers that opportunity. The results are accurate, and the user interface is optimized.

[4] SeqBuilder Pro: This software is for cloning and designing primers. Somewhat similar to Lasergene Molecular Biology, but it has eight methods for cloning. It is a part of it but can be purchased individually too. Read the complete review of SeqBuilder Pro here

[5] Nova Application: For accurate prediction of protein models, this software is used. It generates reliable structural models of complexes which are otherwise impossible through traditional methods.

[6] DNASTAR Cloud: The most powerful feature is to avail the Cloud facility. Your physical distance or geographical interference cannot interrupt your work. As long as you have a fast internet connection, you can analyze it from anywhere.


Technical Needs

Before getting into buying, get aware of the technical needs of the software. I think it is crucial to know what the basic requirements for running the program are. So here it is:

1. If you are using Windows, you would need

  • 64-bit Windows of versions 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Intel-compatible Pentium class processor with AVX support (required for MegAlign Pro 17.1 and so on)
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (depends on data size under analysis)
  • 400 MB free space on hard-disk
  • Good Internet access (for authorization and usage of NovaFold Cloud users)
  • A video card of size 256 MB with OpenGL 2.1 support (recommended for using Protean 3D)

2. If you are using Mac, you would need

  • Mac 10.13, 10.14 and 10.15
  • Intel-based Mac computer systems with AVX support (required for MegAlign Pro 17.1 and so on)
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (depends on data size under analysis)
  • 520 MB free space on hard-disk
  • Good Internet access (for authorization and usage of NovaFold Cloud users)
  • A video card of size 512 MB with OpenGL 2.1 support (recommended for using Protean 3D)

Besides these, there are some additional Hardware recommendations for efficient output. For example, to perform the large-scale NGS alignment or de novo assemblies, huge hard-disk free space is needed.

DNASTAR Cloud Assemblies lets you compute the data on its resources. So any laptop or desktop with these minimalistic requirements can run the Lasergene software smoothly.

For more details on technical requirements you can go through this link.


Performance Analysis

Since the establishment of the software on commercial platform, it has seen enormous success. In the past 35 years, DNASTAR software has been cited in more than 80,000 peer-reviewed publications. Each year an enormous rise is recorded than the previous year.

This indicates a positive response from the scientific community which has accepted this software so much.

Given below is a graphical representation of the cumulative Peer Reviewed journal citations against the year.

Is DNASTAR Lasergene software good for sequence analysis A review
Source: dnastar.com

Some of the researches that mention DNASTAR are:


Pricing Packages

Getting access to commercial software can be a confusing business. You should be well aware of the fact that how much you are going to pay for the services you avail. Lasergene has three categories of pricing which includes:

1. Lasergene Student Licenses:

The Lasergene Student Licenses are available for undergraduate and graduate students. The annual license costs $300. It includes the full Lasergene Molecular Biology package. The technical support can be availed under this package. You can avail this package via eCommerce only.

2. Lasergene Academic Pricing:

Academic Pricing for DNASTAR Lasergene Packages is different from the student package. The Academic package is available exclusively for educational, non-profit, and Government organizations. All the annual standalone license includes unlimited technical support to the users.

The price of different tool packages is different.

  • The SeqBuilder Pro costs $249 per year: It includes primer designing, automatic virtual cloning, clone verification, plasmid annotation, and editing sequences.
  • The Lasergene Molecular Biology costs $599 per year: It includes alignment of pairwise and multiple sequences. Gene discovery and annotation, and automated editing of genome sequences. Sanger sequence assembly and SeqBuilder Pro.
  • The Lasergene Protein costs $799 per year: It includes all the protein-based analyses like sequence and structure analysis. The visualization of motion, advanced level of protein designing and, Nova prediction for Antibody modeling, protein docking are other added benefits.
  • Lasergene Genomics costs $1,499 per year: It includes NGS analyses. Assembly, alignment, re-sequencing, genotyping, etc., are some of the tasks performed under this package. However, transcriptomic, variant and gene expression analyses undergo execution too.
  • Last but not least, DNASTAR Lasergene costs $2,399 per year: It includes the integrated package of Lasergene Molecular Biology, Lasergene Protein, and Lasergene Genomics.

3. Lasergene Commercial Pricing:

The Commercial Pricing for DNASTAR Lasergene packages is different and costly from the above two. The service is available for commercial/profit organizations and non-funded bodies.

  • The SeqBuilder Pro costs $599 per year
  • The Lasergene Molecular Biology costs $1,199 per year
  • The Lasergene Protein costs $1,199 per year
  • Lasergene Genomics costs $2,299 per year
  • DNASTAR Lasergene costs $3,999 per year

Note* the set of tools provided in each of them is same as Academic package but the only difference lies in the price of each package. It is bit costly than Academic license.

Besides DNASTAR Lasergene, you can buy any individual package that fulfill your scientific requirements. The rates of each are discussed briefly above.


Pros and Cons of DNASTAR Lasergene Bioinformatics Software


The software looks very promising. Here are some positive sides of the Lasergene:

  • Package purchase is available in a variety of configurations (buy a composite or primary package)
  • Different licensing options are available, student, academic, non-academic
  • Provides flexibility in accommodating your requirements
  • Provides unlimited technical and upgradation support
  • Available for different types of working groups, academic, commercial, and non-commercial
  • Efficient results, accuracy is high, number of citations are above 50,000
  • Fast output, the rate at which result is generated is quicker
  • Highly optimized, easiness in accessing data and manipulating
  • User- friendly due to simple usage terms
  • Intriguing user interface since the screen is divided into sections and works on button clicks
  • Cloud services can be availed any time so geographical restrictions are not a big problem
  • High quality, publishing ready
  • Tutorials and guides for understanding the steps of usage
  • Free trial for 14 days without any obligations to buy


There are some negative and in negligible sides of the software such as:

  • It is costly. The student package for Lasergene Molecular Biology is $25 per month. More expensive than the student package for Read our complete detailed review of Geneious
  • The duration for analyses can be longer than usual
  • The data stored on cloud is unsafe and optimum security remains a question unanswered
  • The free trial version doesn’t give access to all the analyses tools
  • There may be issues in understanding the guides and tutorials for the first time users
  • The unclear air in understanding the packages price distribution
  • The upgradation might charge extra bucks
  • Issues in the renewal of the license
  • Traffic while availing the technical support team


User Experience

A user is a determining factor for the success or failure of software. In the case of the Bioinformatics tool, the user interface plays a key role. Since Lasergene has a simple interface that is easy to use and manipulate, it wins hearts.

The user-friendliness that it exhibits is beyond words. Imagine performing the complex tasks of read mapping and sequencing done during Next Generation Sequencing. With the help of the Lasergene Genome package, it is just a thing of a few minutes to hours.

Results obtained after the processing are clear to understand. The inferences can be drawn quite easily out of them. The user can generate images that are publishing-ready. A delightful user experience awaits those who are tired of using command-line instructions for running applications.


Customer Support

As far as the support for the customer is concerned, it seems to be fair. Customer support comes in the form of Technical support. You can submit a ticket to the tech team and hear from them soon about it.

The Quote request option lets you request a custom quote for obtaining software licenses. However, the General Inquiries section lets you ask questions about anything in general such as how the tool works or how to interpret data, and so on.

Webinar and video library archives can be accessed for detailed demonstrations on how to perform the sequence analyses using several DNASTAR software.

The free trial for 14 days is an amazing option who want to have hands-on practice before actually buying the subscription. The trial version is a great choice to know more about the software in the application.

You can email them at this address for any queries.


Limitations of The Software

Undoubtedly, the DNASTAR Lasergene tool looks scientifically reliable though it may have few setbacks. The limitations that it exhibits include:

  • Difficulty in detecting only the restriction sites that change due to polymorphism. It’s tedious to perform the mutation in sequences one by one through the hand. The human method would not be error free either. There is no such utility in Lasergene to perform this task.
  • The transcriptomic and genomic analyses are difficult to perform. Even with the best user-interface software like Lasergene, the tasks get hectic. The process of assembling and read mapping is often done automatically. However, the default configurations might not give you fair results. You should have the right insight into what you are looking for.

So these are the technical challenges that you might have to face while using this amazing software. Limitations cannot define that how much good results it has produced in the past. Hence, I would like to give my final comments on this software in the next section.

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Final Thoughts

Lasergene has helped several customers across the globe to make breakthrough discoveries. The studies and citations of DNASTAR Lasergene in publications indicate that they have a high number of content customers.

I would say that the deciding factor for buying a product is customer reviews. If a customer is left satisfied with the services a software tool provides, one can go for it. But if it backfires, and all the money is squandered when the users remain unsatisfactory.

Hence, I would recommend you to give Lasergene a try. You can go for the free trial version for two weeks. If the results obtained are up to your expectations, go ahead with it. If something malfunctions than you can reconsider your opinions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Lasergene package do I need for Protein analysis?

You can buy the Lasergene Protein package for all types of Protein analyses. It includes the Protein 3D application that lets you see the protein sequence and structure at the molecular level. In addition to this, an epitope can be predicted, structural alignments can be executed on this software package. Protein stability can be predicted too. The Nova applications can be accessed via the plugins for structure prediction, docking, and antibody modeling.

How do I access the protein workflow in Lasergene?

Workflow for protein analysis can be accessed by choosing the Protein Analysis and Modeling tab in DNASTAR Navigator.

Can I try the application before buying it?

Yes! There are free and no-obligations trials on the complete DNASTAR Lasergene package. Not just the trial is available for two weeks, but step by step demonstration for task execution is provided too. The tutorials are the stepping stone for expert analysis.

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