Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review For Windows

We all have suffered at least once due to corrupt HDD or accidental damage of hard drive resulting in data loss. It becomes worse if we belong to a non-technical background.

The only savior is a data recovery application like Stellar Data Recovery. So let us do a Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review to get all your doubts cleared and find out more details regarding its effectiveness, price and other aspects to summarize if it is actually worth paying for or not?

Stellar Data Recovery Review For Windows Professional

Pros and Cons of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

What We Like (PROS):

  • User Friendly Interface: The interface is clean simple yet very effective
  • Preview of recoverable file after scanning: After the scanning process, the User gets the preview of all the files that can be recovered.
  • Option to use / try it for free: The demo version is also available.
  • 24/5 Customer Support: The Quality Customer Support is available at any time for five working days from Monday to Friday.
  • Retrieves from All Windows Devices & Drives: The software is capable of retrieving any file type from range Drives and Cards.
  • The Scan can be saved and resumed at any time avoiding the time and effort for rescanning.
  • Recovers Data from Encrypted Drive: The software can recover data from any bit-locker encrypted drive provided, the password is known.

What We Don’t Like (CONS):

  • Deep Format data recovery is inconsistent.
  • The scanning throughput is inconsistent.
  • The plans are expensive compared to other tools of same genre.

Design/User Experience

The prime focus of Stellar Data Recovery is simplicity when it comes to design and user experience. The overall process has been divided into 3 Phases.

[1] Select File type: The user gets 7 options (Everything, Office Documents, Folders, Emails, Photos, Audio, and Videos [mentioned in order of appearance]). The User needs to select accordingly and proceed to the next step.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review For Windows Process-1

[2] Select Recover From: User select the target location which ranges from the generic option of Desktop to the specific option like Choose Location which includes the connected device in case data recovery is to be done for external devices.

stellar windows data recovery review process-2

[3] Scan and Recover: After applying appropriate filters, the user can simply scan/deep scan and choose the files for recovery from the preview.

recovery process-3

Ease of Use

One of the best features of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional is the simplicity that appeals equally to both amateur and pro users. The overall screen design is clean, icon-based and the text labels are very simple, non-technical, and understandable that makes it effective for all range of user.

For even a layman, it is easy to navigate across the screens to perform the recovery using simple checkboxes, toggle bars, and minimum clicks with proper clarity and most importantly preview to yield output exactly what the user wishes for.

Key Features

Let’s look at the key features that make Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional stand out.

[1] Best Recovery Tool for various scenarios: Stellar Data recovery software recovers lost/deleted data like emails, audio, photo, images, and many more. It deals with range of data-loss situations as deletion, corruption, format, lost partition, system crash, and many more.

[2] Recovers Data even from the missing Partitions: The software is capable of finding and locating missing drives due to any reason. Post scanning, the partitions are found and gets listed. One can even opt for Deep Scan, in case the desired partition is not found after Quick Scan.

[3] Recovers Lost/ Deleted Email: The software gets back lost/deleted email data files from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes etc. One needs to select Emails under Documents, Folders & Emails in the Select What to Recover, and scan the HDD.

[4] Recovers Data from Encrypted Drive: Its recovers lost and deleted data from any BitLocker encrypted hard drive, SSD, or external storage media. However, it is required to enter a password for the data recovery from the encrypted drive.

[5] Recovers Data from All Windows Devices: The file recovery tool gets back data from the hard drive and solid-state drive used in laptops and desktops. It performs equally well in the case of USB hard drives, thumb drives,and various models of SD card, Micro SD card, CF card, etc.

[6] Quick and Deep Scan: There are two modes available for recovery. Quick scan covers the recovery applicable to accidental delete, however deep scan is designed to recover data from formatted and corrupt storage.

[7] Save/Resume Scan for Recovery: The Stellar Data Recovery Software comes with feature to save the ongoing Scan and resume at any time avoiding the time and effort for rescanning. User just needs to load the saved scan (.DAT file) and resume the recovery process.

[8] Recovers Data from any media storage: The data recovery is possible in any windows-compatible storage device. The software holds capability to restore data from pen drive, HDD, SD cards (micro, mini, SDHC). The storage devices need to be plugged and select as a connected device.

[9] File Sorting for Easy Recovery: The wizard provides real time scan preview in an organised and sorted view for easy identification of desired data for recovery. The Filtered Tree available in the search window gives various modes to filter the data.

[10] Recover the multimedia files: Stellar Data Recovery Professional recovers not just the documents but also lost/deleted priceless photos and videos. One can opt for Photo in Select What to Recover screen and proceed accordingly.


While testing its capability to its fullest, we used Windows 10 laptop (8 GB RAM, i5 7th Gen, and 1 TB HDD).

The quick scan was actually quick taking under 3 minutes. The recovery data comprised of various file types like (.exe, .txt, .zip, .mp3) and the recovery was successful (70 GB).

During the deep scan, throughput was almost 1.5 hours, and more data (114 GB) was recovered compared to 70 GB of quick scan which includes 502 MB of data before write-zero pass format.


During the Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review for Windows, we found it to be really efficient. The files with various formats recovered in less than 3 minutes. It supports all known extensions and also the custom types (this needs to be added in menu advance options).

With the search bar and file sorting feature (sort by location, size, and type) the overall scanning process was smooth and efficient.

System Resource Usage

The System Resource usage during the performance and efficiency testing on the laptop with Windows 10, i5 7th Gen and 1 TB HDD, we found RAM usage of 200 MB with 60% CPU utilization max. Resource utilization is on the higher side like any other recovery tool.

During Deep Scan, the RAM utilization was more and it is advisable to avoid using resource-intensive software during the recovery process.

Pricing Packages

The Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional is available in 3 plans, namely Professional, Standard, and Premium.

Professional (Best Selling Option): Recovers any file type from storage media. It also monitors HD health. It is priced at 99.99 $. Try it for Free

This plan helps in recovering deleted photos, videos, and other important files from any formatted systems and storage media. It also supports Unbootable System and Lost partition Recovery. It covers data recovery from Encrypted device and optical drive (CD/DVD).

Standard: Recovers unlimited emails, folders, documents, and multimedia files. It is priced at 59.99 $. Try it for Free

This plan helps in recovering deleted photos, videos, and other important files from any formatted systems and storage media.

Premium: This is World’s first Windows data recovery software that comes bundled with image and video repair features. It is priced at 179.99 $. Try it for Free

Just like the professional plan, it helps in recovering deleted files and media. It supports Unbootable System and Lost partition Recovery. It covers data recovery from Encrypted device and optical drive (CD/DVD).  In addition to it, it comes with advanced features like repairing corrupt/distorted images and videos.

It is advisable to visit the official Stellar Windows Data Recovery page and choose the plan as per your requirement.


After downloading the Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional from its official page, we see the installation also adheres to its simplicity principle. It comes with a generic agreement screen, post-confirmation to which the application gets installed.

This is to be followed by the activation using the license code which we purchased as per requirement. No hassle, no extra web page to access. The overall Setup completes within a few minutes.

Recovery Process

The process of recovery is really very easy and can be done using 5 simple steps:

[Step-1] Select What To Recover: The User gets 7 options (Everything, Office Documents, Folders, Emails, Photos, Audio, and Videos [mentioned in order of appearance]). The user can select the file type accordingly and proceed to the next step.

[Step-2] Choose where you want to perform Recovery: The User selects the location from where the data recovery is to be done. User gets the option to select Desktop from recycle bin or Choose Location to specify the exact folder. One can also choose any connected device in case data recovery from external device is required.

[Step-3] Click the Scan button and initiate the default Quick scanning process. User gets the toggle for Deep Scan as well. On the basis of selection, the search for the specified file type is performed at the specified location.

[Step-4] The wizard displays the real-time list of files that can be recovered as a preview. Here we get the option to Turn-Off preview. After the scanning is completed the list of files is available in three different kinds of views (File Type, Tree View and Deleted List).

[Step-5] The user needs to select the desired files and hit Recover. The user can opt for advanced setting for any specification like compression and others.

Customer Support

As previously mentioned as one of the positive aspects in our Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review, the Customer Support is very prompt, responsive, and knowledgeable. The availability of the Support team is 24 by 5 i.e. available at all times from Monday to Friday. The FAQs regarding the services, how-to-do and basic troubleshooting get resolved easily.

When approached for support regarding write zero-pass format data recovery. The dialer based approach took two menus and approximately 5 minutes of waiting time to connect to the actual representative. The concern was listened to attentively and was promptly responded. 2

Limitations of The Software

The Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional is no doubt a good product, but there are several shortfalls needed to be considered before purchase. The performance of the product is good for accidentally deleted files, however, the performance of recovery after the deep format is not consistent.

Secondly, the price of the product is comparatively on the higher end compared to similar tools available.

Is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows Worth It?

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is an apt option for any user who faced/regularly faces accidental deleted that requires recovery of important data.

The output and performance are smooth, fast, and efficient and works on any internal and external storage. The user interface is very simple and straight to the business with a moderate CPU and RAM utilization.

It delivers the preview of the data that can be recovered and the option to select files to recover.

The Quick Scan is its best part and gives consistent and speedy output, however the Deep scan is inconsistent and time-consuming.

However, the efficient and quality customer support that comes bundled with the plans is the best part.

So, if you are looking for a simple, efficient user interface with exclusive features of file preview, then you should definitely choose Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows.

Common Asked Questions (FAQ) About Stellar Data Recovery:

Is Stellar Data Recovery Safe?

Ans: Stellar Data Recovery is safe. It is safer compared to physical data recovery that involves extracting your HDD.

Can it Recover Data from a Corrupted Hard Drive?

Ans: Yes. The Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows can recover data even from a Corrupted Hard Drive.

Does Stellar Data Recovery Slows Down Computer?

Ans: The CPU and RAM utilization of the Computer during the scanning and the recovering process is moderate and sometimes reach to its peak of 60 to 70 percent CPU utilization. However, it is advisable to not run any resource-intensive process during recovery process.

How long does Stellar data recovery take?

Ans: The throughput of the recovery depends on the type of scan which was performed. In the case of quick scan, the process is faster and ranges from 3 to 6 minutes. However, if you go for deep scanning the process throughput ranges from 1 to 2 hours depending on how old the data is, yet feasible to be recovered.

Final Thoughts

After performing Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review, we find it to be worth giving a try as a one-stop solution with a simple user interface, yet efficient output. The extra features of repairing corrupt images and video, followed by excellent customer support makes it worth purchasing for all the users in need of quality and quick data recovery.

Your search for the simple, efficient data recovery tool ends with Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional.

With over 3+ million Customers, Stellar Windows Recovery tool comes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. So you should definitely give it a try.

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