How Much Does Altium Designer Cost in 2021

Altium Designer is one of the most high-tech enabled PCB design software in the industry today. We placed Altium Designer at the number 1 position in our list of 27+ Best PCB Design Software.

It offers high-performance functionality and advanced features for working on the most complex boards with ease. The new version also increases productive design time and efficiency.

How Much Does Altium Cost? (Subscription Plans)

They have two types of licenses: Time Based License & Perpetual License, you can select any of one as per your requirement.

Time Based License:

This plan costs you 325 USD/month. You can also buy this license on a yearly basis, which cost you USD 3850/year. Get Your 15-days Free Trial

In this plan, you have the option to choose for how long you want to get a license. Suppose if you want to use Altium Designer for 1 month to complete your project, Time based license might be the best for you.

Altium Designer Monthly Yearly License Cost Price

Perpetual License:

Buy for USD 9990 once and use it forever. Get Your 15-days Free Trial

In the perpetual license, you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly license purchasing fee. However, to get the latest updates and enjoy the Altium 365 features, you have to pay subscription fees of USD 1995 yearly.

Altium Designer Perpetual License price

If you don’t want to renew your subscription, you can still use the software perfectly with no issues.

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Let’s take a look at some key features that make Altium Designer unbeatable in the industry.

  1. Multichannel and Hierarchical Design: Working on advanced hierarchical and multi-layer designs is easier with Designer. It simplifies the multiple layers into more readable sheets which can be divided on this basis of: Structural relationship or Electrical
  2. Advanced 3-D Visualisation Engine: 3D Visualization gives a realistic and rendered on-the-fly view of the board; including MCAD-ECAD support with direct linking for STEP models and real-time clearance checking, view configurations for 2D and 3D, orthographic projection and texture mapping of 2D and 3D PCB models.
  3. Intuitive & Fast Routing: With the new interactive routing engine, layouts can be designed quicker than ever before. Essential features are present and in addition: hug and push, push and shove, diff pairs, obstacle-ignore etc. are also there and work well.
  4. Conversion to Hierarchical Design: Complex and advanced designs can be simplified into smaller logical based layers which are easier to work with. Hierarchical design tools let you convert multi-channel designs into step-wise design units.
  5. Ease of Production Planning: Manufacturing your board has never been easier. Altium Designer gives you ActiveBOM: a real-time system that provides you with information such as part availability, pricing etc. before you even complete your design.
  6. Centralised Tool Interface: A relaxing and smooth new interface has been given to users for easy tool selection and part creation plus editing, all in one place so you don’t have to waste time navigating.
  7. Advanced Design Rule Checker: The powerful DRC system of Altium can check your design against electrical rules automatically and indicate when it detects a violation, so you can fix the error before building further upon the design.
  8. Seamless Remote Working: With Altium Designer, team projects can be worked upon by team members around the world through a cloud-based editing system, which runs on optimized bandwidth consumption, so as to reduce latency.
  9. High Speed and High Density Design: This application has powerful tuning and filtering options. The EM solver has capabilities to handle complex features like propagation delay impedance measurement. Now you can also integrate HDI structures into your project.
  10. Unified Library Management: Library management is based on a single data store for all component models and linked data such as 3D models, data sheets and supplier links. There is a single point of contact for version control and external project management systems.

What is unique about Altium Designer?

If you are looking to design and work on projects that involve circuits with multiple layers, or multi-level circuits, Altium Designer can handle such tasks without much difficulty. The 3D features of Altium are also considered the best in the industry.

For users looking to go to production, the active supply chain management gives live pricing and details of project-related parts for a smooth design-to-manufacture process.

ActiveBOM is Altium’s Bill of Material handling system. This tool helps you generate, edit and share BOM files with part suppliers, and the pin-compatibility feature selects alternate components that are compatible with your design if primary components are not available.

Who’s it for?

PCB designers who are required to deal with circuits and boards that involve complex and advanced designs, professionals and companies usually opt for Altium Designer.

If designing from a production aspect is your priority or if you are required to work on multi-layer designs or many projects simultaneously, Altium Designer is a great choice.

Is Altium Designer worth it?

Altium has been making PCB design software for over a decade now and, they have reached a product that is very efficient and is used by most industries and professionals across the globe today.

The pricing plans might be a bit expensive, but the features provided and ease-of-use justify the high cost. Hence if you can afford it and you really require all the functions it provides, then it can be a great option for your business.

Altium Designer License Price Cost
Altium Designer Subscription Price Cost

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